September/October 2000 CD: Generations / Denny Tilton and Friends As a veteran performer who has opened shows for Roger McGuinn, John Sebastian, and the Moody Blues, among others. Denny Tilton released a debut CD (titled Real Stories) in 1997 that earned him a Best Songwriter Award from the Northwest New Jersey Music Awards Association. Generations, Tilton's second full-length CD, finds the New Jersey native crafting an eclectic mix of songs that ranges from breezy folk balladry, acoustic ragtime, and straight-ahead rock and roll. In addition to evidencing the influence of such storyteller as Harry Chapin and Gordon Lightfoot, Generations brigs to mind the easy-listening artistry of Seals and Crofts and early America. Especially on the beautiful You and I(co-written with some of his fine backing players), Tilton reveals himself to be a tender balladeer in the tradition of the early 70s singer-songwriter heyday. An active presence in the Sussex County, New Jersey area (where he recently completed a lengthy stint as a host of a series of songwriter showcases), Tilton deserves an audience that extends far beyond his impressive regional following.  ” - Russell Hall

— Performing Songwriter

December/January 2004 CD: Shoulda Seen The Dream / Denny Tilton An Honest and Simple Tune Denny Tilton is a singer/songwriter who has been playing his trade for the last two decades, sharing stages with the likes of Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman (the Byrds), John Hartford and many more. Now has teamed up with producer Dan Myers (formerly of From Good Homes) and recorded a wonderfully endearing album, Shoulda Seen the Dream. Simplicity and honesty permeate this warmhearted disc embellished with subtle instrumental touches. The superb title cut reminds me of classic Graham Nash, while elsewhere his rich, melodic songs have an almost whimsical, Donovan feel. Tilton is a fine songsmith and the production here is nothing but complementary. Just the right sounds for a mellow evening.” - Mick Skidmore

— Relix Magazine

April 2004 CD: Shoulda Seen The Dream / Denny Tilton Denny Tilton has rubbed elbows with some of the best: Roger McGuinn (The Byrds), John Sebastian, John Hartford, the Moody Blues, and others. His voice has been compared to the likes of Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan. And although this native of Sussex County, New Jersey, has been making music for over 20 years, his third release Shoulda Seen the Dream is fetching Denny some national attention. Looking and sounding a little like the king parrot Jimmy Buffet, Tilton's CD cover says it all. Stretched our in an Adirondack chair on a riverside dock, there's no shock that his latest music would make you think you're right there with him. Dennys simple, reflective storytelling, coupled with his calming vocals is refreshing. The song There for You, is a wonder pledge of love and commitment. And the track Finding My 19, is an intriguing look at the career of a singer-songwriter, the ups and downs, and the rewards of sticking with your dreams. Peaceful and relaxing, this 26-minute CD ends way too soon.” - Greg Tutwiler

— Singer Magazine

CD: Real Life Stories / Denny Tilton and Friends Denny is a storyteller. And it's a captive campfire audience when he weaves his tales.Friends Chris Farrelly, Paul Maassen, Len Mooney (Harpoon Daddies); Jamie Coan, Patrick Fitzsimmons (From Good Homes), Luke Liddy, and others do more than provide a setting for Denny to weave his stories. They play a part of the story. Reportedly one of the nicest players in the area music biz, Tilton tells his tales “ whether it's about finally finding a soulmate as in The Search is Over or the mingling of tears and rain in Child In The Rain“ in a sincere, this is the way it is zen fashion. A mature songwriter, he has an uncanny ability to capture that moment we call real life. On the disc, Tilton plays acoustic guitar and sings. Music Heads will, no doubt, hear a heavy Seals & Crofts intake in his vocal delivery and perhaps a hint of Harry Chapin and Gordon Lightfoot in the lyric. (Mom always said It's those quiet ones you got to watch for.) Tilton is a traveler who takes the road less taken and comes back with stories to tell. And we're more than happy to listen.” - Daivd Strange

— Music Head Magazine